Tuesday, November 11, 2008

going gluten free

its one thing making my little girl gluten free. but myself.... that's a whole other story, and easier said than done. at home we have wheat products. not a lot. but enough to get a little everyday, and you don't realize it. when you go to make that chicken casarole and you go to your panty to grab your cream of soup. uh hello.... its loaded with gluten. you wouldnt think of it though. or when you have a cold and you grab for your cold medicine, OR, when you go to wash your face or your hair. its the silent enemy, and its everywhere.
i never realized how much i ached and didnt feel good till i did a little experiment on myself by going gluten free. ( and the funny part {ok not really funny like haha, but funny sad, stubborn} is that i have done this a few times over the last 4 years, but it recently hit me in the head, maybe that would explain all my headaches ) i thought what i perfect time to start my new gf lifestyle. it is a holiday weekend and the kids are off of school for a few days. holy crap. i have never wanted anything so bad. i now know what a junkie feels like going through withdrawls. (hey, do you think i could go on vacation, i mean... go to rehab?{the kids and dave won't be there =p } ) i have been doing pretty good. but i wanted toast with my breakfast this morning. i didn't think it would be too bad to have just a little. WHAT WAS I THINKING. i would rather go through child birth than this. so my experiment is done. i am going gluten free, and i am really really grumpy.

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